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Microneedling w/ Ultra-Premium Stem Cells & Growth Factor

This process utilizes stem cells for regrowth of the skin. (Must be booked 3 days in advance)

$1,500 - 1.25 Hour Service

How Does It Work?

We create a punch of micro-channels (small little holes) into the skin. As the skin is wounded it then starts the recovery process, which creates collagen.


As we age we lose 1-2 percent (double check this statistic) so each decade thats 10-15 percent. Collagen is what keeps our skin healthy plump full and lifted. As we age this starts to give the skin a droopy saggy appearance.


Microneedling isn't only great for anti-aging but it is also great for redness, acne scars (building collagen to help plump the scars and smooth them out), regular scars, pigment (sun damage), fine lines and wrinkles.


This is one of my favorite treatments because it doesn't just treat one concern but many concerns which most people have. This treatment is recommended in a series of 3-5 treatments. Then get on a maintenance plan of doing microneedling quarterly.

Who Is It Ideal For?

Stem cells is a serum we put on the skin after the treatment.


This treatment requires half payment upfront to order the stem cells. We also need to book at least 3 days in advance, due to the use of stem cells and their overnight delivery on dry ice. After booking your appointment, we order the stem cells and thaw right before the treatment.


I have done extensive research for and found the best stem cells on the market. The stem cells we use are true and FDA cleared, from the umbilical cord. The stem cells come from healthy, young donors.


All stem cell collections are sent to the lab, to undergo testing for eligibility. They are confirmed through a behavior risk assessment, a physical assessment, a donor medical history, and review blood test review of any communicable disease testing.


The cells are then processed and cryopreserved into vials with no chemicals for long term preservation. Stem cells add an extra boost to supplement regular microneedling. Stem cells stop the aging process.


Everyone can do this procedure, but is typically used by my older clientele. This treatment can also be done fore hair restoration.

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