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Say goodbye to cellulite!

$80 - 45 Minute Service

How Does It Work?

With over 35 years of scientific research and FDA approval, this treatment is by far the world’s best. By using a non-invasive device that helps melt and excrete excess fat, your body will begin to lose inches.


The treatment itself targets the fat trapped within the skin’s fibers just underneath the skin. Once the device is activated, these areas of fat become ‘deeply massaged’ also enabling stretch marks and scars to fade.


Only a few sessions are required for noticeable improvements that last months to even years.

Who Is It Ideal For?

Innovative Skin Health is one of the few skin care clinics that offer this treatment. This treatment take a skilled professional that knows what they are doing to be effective.


This is ideal for anyone who is wanting to detox, feels puffy or bloated, has cellulite they want to improve, or wants slight body contouring.

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