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Side Burn Hair Removal

A precise laser treatment targeting unwanted sideburn hair for a cleaner, smoother appearance.

$66 | 15 Minute Service

How Does It Work?

This service employs the advanced Candella Gentle Max Pro laser, setting the industry benchmark for efficacy in hair removal.


Designed for those seeking a more refined facial contour, it typically necessitates 7-10 sessions.


Preparation involves shaving 1-2 days before treatment, which lasts around 20 minutes, focusing on eliminating hair by targeting follicles with concentrated light.


The process is made more comfortable with a cooling cryo feature, though it's not suitable for blonde or gray hair.

Who Is It Ideal For?

Ideal for individuals looking to permanently reduce or eliminate sideburn hair, enhancing facial symmetry and smoothness. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant individuals or those undergoing testosterone therapy.

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