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Lip Hair Removal

Effortlessly achieve a smooth, hair-free upper lip area.

$55 | 15 Minute Service

How Does It Work?

Leveraging the Candella Gentle Max Pro laser, known for its exceptional hair removal performance, this treatment effectively targets and diminishes lip hair.


Clients typically require 7-10 sessions for comprehensive results, with each session lasting about 20 minutes.


The procedure involves targeting hair follicles with laser light to reduce hair growth over time, complemented by a cooling feature to minimize discomfort.


Not suitable for blonde or gray hair, this method promises a lasting solution for unwanted lip hair.

Who Is It Ideal For?

Anyone looking to remove or reduce upper lip hair for a smoother, cleaner look, except individuals who are pregnant or on testosterone therapy. This treatment is perfect for those seeking a more permanent alternative to waxing or shaving.

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