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Dermal Infusion

This is a 3 in one technology that exfoliates, removes, and infuses all in a single treatment.

$160 - 1 Hour Service

How Does It Work?

This is a 3 in one technology that exfoliates using a diamond tip, removes everything, and infuses custom serums into the skin giving it a more hydrated brighter or clearer look.


I love curtailing these serums together to cure certain skin needs. This is our favorite facial and gives the best results possible for the client.


Our service doesn't just do the dermal infusion alone, we also add a sheet or jelly mask, LED light, and a free dermaplane.


Other skin care providers charge for each added treatment... An LED light can add an extra $50 charge or Dermaplane can be an extra $50 charge as well.

Who Is It Ideal For?

This non-invasive treatment applies to those who have a variety of skin concerns. These skin concerns may vary from reducing the appearance of lines, to improving imperfections, to even removing unwanted vellus hair.


By mixing and matching serums such as Brightening, Vitamin C, Acne, and Hydrating, your skin will thank you beyond measure. This treatment includes: a custom mask, derma plane as well as LED light.


This is by far the most customizable treatment, ideal for those unsure of what their skin needs. The results from this treatment are immediate, giving you radiant, better-looking skin.

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