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Breast/Areola Hair Removal

Areola laser hair removal is a popular treatment for women.

$40 - 15 Minute Service

How Does It Work?

We use the Candella Gentle Max, it is the gold standard in laser hair removal. No laser on the market is 100 percent reduction but our laser gets people pretty darn close.

Our clients notice a difference after just one treatment. Most clients need 7-10 treatments total.

Clients will need to shave 1-2 days prior to there treatment. Each area takes roughly 20 mins.


The laser targets the hair in the hair follicle and zap/kills it. Doing this repeatedly reduces hair production.


Depending on the area treatments can range from 4-6 (all other areas) 6-8 weels (back and legs) The laser doesn't work on blonde or gray hair.

We have been performing this procedure five years and we know how to push the limits giving clients the best results possible.


We also have a machine that blows cryo and helps significantly with the pain of the laser. This is a game changer for our clients.

Who Is It Ideal For?

Areola laser hair removal is a popular treatment for women. The areola includes the area encircling both nipples. Sessions generally take 15 minutes to complete. The treatment feels like a hot pinch followed by a cooling sensation. For full hair removal, we also offer full chest hair removal treatment options.

This is ideal for everyone except someone who is taking testosterone or is pregnant.

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